TAMP Advisory Solutons

Our industry has been moving from a broker-dealer model to an independent advisory model at a record pace in recent years. 


With this trend, a need has developed to outsource back office and/or asset management tasks to allow the independent wealth advisor time and resources to focus on client trust relationships.  


After all, it is those trust relationships that are the foundation of any advisory practice. 


This back office and investment advisory outsourcing is provided by firms known as

TAMPs – Turn Key Asset Management Program. 


Duncan McHugh Investments offers full TAMP services.

In its truest definition, a TAMP offers complete “turnkey” investment management through their firm.  This includes front office support, middle office support, back office support, client accounting, billing, reporting, compliance, custodial interface, and investment selection and management.  Accounts serviced by a TAMP are traditionally fee-based relationships and payments to a TAMP from an IAR or RIA are typically priced on a percentage of AUM.




There are a number of firms offering TAMP services, but we at Duncan McHugh Investments think we are a cut above the rest.  Why is this?  Three reasons:  PAYOUT, SERVICE and ADVISORY. 


Our payout is one of the highest on the street.  We use a very simplistic model with no hurdles.  After a modest administrative fee, 100% of your client fees will pass to your grid for non-wrap accounts.  There are not many TAMPs that offer the same. 

Most, unfortunately, have excessive administrative costs and hurdles their advisors must meet to achieve a higher payout. 


Our service model goes back to our history with the broker/dealer firms from which came, where Advisors expected excellent customer service skills from their staff.  At DMI, we meet with advisors one-on-one to develop a personalized support plan that includes working directly with one of our administrative staff members, all of whom have outstanding customer service skills.  While you may work with your assistant remotely, you will know them and they you, the next best thing to an assistant right outside your office door.


Our in-house asset management DBS models are available to all of our Advisors.  There are 9 DBS portfolios from which to choose, all with preferred pricing.  DMI Advisors enjoy open architecture, so while the DBS portfolios are available to you and your clients, there are no requirements to utilize them.


There are a host of services in which we excel, we welcome you to contact us for a full list of our services designed to make your job easier!