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WealthTrust Asset Management, LLC, a SEC Registered Investment Adviser, is pleased to offer professional discretionary management through the WealthTrust DBS Portfolios to investment advisors and their clients.     From our short-term fixed income portfolio to our equity portfolios, the WealthTrust DBS Portfolios are designed to fit a spectrum of investment objectives and risk tolerances.  John McHugh, President and Chief Investment Officer, heads up a team of analysts who select and monitor the underlying investments of each of the DBS portfolios.  


The DBS history goes back to the early 2000’s when John McHugh first subscribed to an extensive database which provides reported financial data on over 7,000 publicly traded companies.  By writing proprietary quantitative screens to analyze earnings, P/E Ratios, PEG Ratios, Price/Sales Ratios, Debt Ratios, Change in Insider Holdings and more, John was able to quickly and efficiently analyze equities that met his stringent investment criteria.  WealthTrust Asset Management uses the foundation of these early screens for their equity selections today.  And, even after selected for investment, these equities are continually analyzed by WealthTrust Asset Management to ensure that they meet our investment objectives.

"Earnings estimates, and a company's ability to meet those estimates, provide the greatest impact to stock prices."


-John McHugh, President - Chief Investment Officer