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TAMP Advisory Solutions, LLC is a RIA that operates three business channels:


Advisor Services

(TAMP Advisory Solutions)

Client Advisory Services

(Duncan McHugh Investments)

Asset Management 

(WealthTrust Asset Management)

Headquartered in Destin, Florida, TAMP Advisory Solutions, LLC offers comprehensive, turnkey financial services to Advisors and their clients.




Old fashioned service is not lost at TAMP Advisory Solutions. It is the foundation of our business approach with Advisors and their clients. We know what advisors want and need in a business partner in order to run a successful practice.

Personalized Service

Modern Technology

Open Investment Architecture

Asset Management

WHY TAMP Advisory Solutions?


Whether you are looking for a full-service TAMP, support for your independent practice, or professional asset management, TAMP Advisory Solutions might just be the perfect partner you are looking for.  


Unlike most TAMPs or Asset Management firms, we are not cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all. We are here to listen, understand your needs and build a partnership model that works for you.




First, I want to thank you for your interest in Tamp Advisory Solutions and the DBS Portfolios.  This area of our website provides an introduction to the services provided for Financial Advisors.  Duncan McHugh Investments is able to work with Financial Advisors in one of two ways.  First, for those Advisors who would like to maintain their current RIA or Broker/Dealer relationship, we can help you offer the DBS Portfolios of WealthTrust Asset Management under a Third Party Management arrangement.  Second, for Advisors looking to become more independent, we can help you establish yourself as an independent Investment Advisor Representative as part of our legacy Advisors group.


FINANCIAL ADVISORS AND RIA's OFFERING WEALTHTRUST ASSET MANAGEMENT AS A THIRD PARTY MANAGER:  Duncan McHugh Investments would be pleased to be added to your list of qualified managers for your existing business.  Our company has a Total Asset Management Program (TAMP) with investment strategies managed through our asset management division, WealthTrust Asset Management.  These strategies include a full range of investment choices from fixed income mutual funds and ETFs to individual equities and equity ETFs.  In total, there are currently nine (9) DBS Investment Options which we refer to as "sleeves."  Any combination of these portfolios can be blended to best meet your client’s specific needs.  To include our DBS portfolios to your platform, please contact us so we might discuss the options with you and the persons within your firm responsible for qualifications and due diligence of approved managers.  Contact me today 850-460-8440 or to learn how we might help you grow your business with a manager whose process and investment style may be a sensible alternative to what you now have available.


INVESTMENT ADVISOR REPRESENTATIVES:  Duncan McHugh Investments can help provide a turn-key program for advisors who would like to establish an independent IAR practice.  We provide front, middle and back office services for selected advisors and their clients.  As for Custodians, we have negotiated preferred pricing with Charles Schwab and TD Ameritrade, but we are happy to review options with the custodian of your choice (Fidelity, Pershing, etc.).  Our current contracts include both the client and/or the advisor absorbing client transaction costs.  If you are an Investment Advisor Representative and currently have your book of business with another custodian, talk with us about your relationship.  It still may be possible to keep your assets with your current custodian and work with Duncan McHugh Investments. We offer the freedom to set up your own practice and provide you with the support and investment options you may be looking for.


As an Investment Advisor Representative, you are able to help manage your client’s assets with their best interest as your focus.  While the DBS portfolios of WealthTrust Asset Management will be made available to you, you are not limited to specific products or managers.  There is no manager or complex or region setting the requirements.  You are your own boss, acting within compliance guidelines set by the SEC, recommending investments and implementing investment plans with your client’s best interest in mind.


If you are a current advisor looking for a place to call home, please feel free to call 850-460-8440  or email me ( and I will answer any questions that you might have.

Independence Simplified.  Isn’t it time you set sail and chart your own course?

I look forward to hearing from you.


President – Chief Investment Officer
TAMP Advisory Solutions, LLC
WealthTrust Asset Management



President - Chief Investment Officer


As the President of Duncan McHugh Investments and Chief Investment Officer of its asset management division, WealthTrust Asset Management, Mr. McHugh manages investment portfolios on a discretionary basis for the clients of Advisors who are seeking professional portfolio management services.

A trained CPA, John manages assets for individuals, foundations, hospitals, pension plans and other institutions. With more than 25 years of experience in helping investors and 18 years in private portfolio management, he utilizes his extensive knowledge in constructing portfolios with asset allocations for all levels of risk tolerance. His management of these portfolios, and in particular his selection of equities for these portfolios, has offered his investors a disciplined approach to investing with proven results. 

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(O) 850-460-8440 | 314-504-4379 (C)



Senior Vice President - Investment Officer


Darlene joins John McHugh as a partner, assisting in portfolio management with a concentration in fixed income investments. A native of Louisville, Kentucky, Darlene brings over 30 years of industry experience. Beginning her career with the Kentucky regional firm, Hilliard-Lyons, Darlene’s experience as a municipal bond trader offers the group a greater insight to the fixed income markets. She has worked in both an advisory and support capacity within the investment industry. 

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(O) 850-460-8442 | 850-533-6722 (C)


Advisory Services (Duncan McHugh Investments) is the side of the house that works with a select group of Advisors (RIAs & IARs) as a Turnkey Asset Management Provider (TAMP).  Whether you are an IAR under the Duncan McHugh banner, an IAR who has branded your practice with an independent name, or an independent RIA, our Advisory division is here to help you in your support needs.  Our TAMP is true to its “turnkey” definition, offering services and support designed to easily incorporate into your existing practice or put in place to help you build anew.


Asset Management (WealthTrust Asset Management) is offered through our second division.  With a select group of proprietary DBS portfolios managed in-house and over twenty-five years of portfolio management experience, WealthTrust Asset Management is available to our clients and clients of other advisors for whom we work. Advisors utilize the WealthTrust portfolios at their discretion, in their objective recommendations to their clients. 


How Healthy is Your Portfolio?


Our proprietary 17 Point Check, also known as an Equity Portfolio Review, was designed to help an Advisor and their client understand the underlying “health” of the equity holdings in a portfolio.  A comprehensive report with important categories such as PEG Ratio (Price to Earnings/Growth), EPS (Earnings per Share) Surprises, Price to Sales ratios help you evaluate the holdings vs. standard benchmarks as well as the averages of our DBS Portfolios. 


Price appreciation alone does not indicate overall “health.”  We want to look deeper, offer comparatives, and see the “health” of the companies where an investor currently has hard earned money invested.  Our 17 Point Check is offered complimentary and without obligation.

Investment advisory services offered through TAMP Advisory Solutions, LLC - A Registered Investment Advisor


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