I want to welcome you to our web-site!  My name is John McHugh and I am the senior partner of WealthTrust Asset Management.

I believe that before anyone entrusts their savings to an investment firm, they should get an idea of the character of the firm and the individual owners. What are they attempting to accomplish as a company? Is it all about making money, or is there more to it?  


We here at Duncan McHugh Investments believe that clients come first.  Period. 


One of my accomplishments for which I am very proud is that, at the age of fourteen, I became one of the youngest Eagle Scouts ever in the St. Louis area council. Most people know that the Scout Motto is “Be Prepared.”  What you may not know is that scouts have a law that I very much believe in and which describes how we at Duncan McHugh Investments conduct business.  It is my attempt to do my best in living up to the traits of the Scout Law in my personal life as well as my business.  I expect no less from any of my employees and associates.

John McHugh receiving his Eagle Scout Award.

The twelve traits of the Scout Law are as follows:

* Trustworthy  * Loyal  * Helpful  * Friendly  * Courteous  * Kind*  * Cheerful  * Thrifty  * Obedient * Brave  * Clean  * Reverent *


It is no surprise that the first trait is “trustworthy,” which I believe to be the most important. I was a single parent for my two children, Shawn and Christina. 


As any single parent would attest, rearing children and teaching values by yourself is no easy task. Trustworthiness is the most important trait that I tried to instill in them and I am very proud of the man and woman that they’ve become.


My promise to our clients is that we will do our very best in each aspect of managing their portfolio.  We will work for you with integrity, knowledge and trustworthiness.  


We will put you and your family first. Period.