Hello!  My name is Darlene Duncan, Senior Vice President and Investment Officer with WealthTrust Asset Management. I am delighted you have taken your time to learn more about us.

     My experience in the investment industry goes back to the mid 1970's. A time when the Dow was below 1,000, before the tech revolution and even personal computers. A time when we thought hand held calculators and microwaves were a big deal.

     While it was not common for women to excel in our industry in my early working years, I was fortunate to be associated with a conservative, well respected brokerage firm, Hilliard-Lyons, in Louisville, Kentucky. They saw great potential in me and gave me every opportunity to position myself as a successful financial advisor. Their philosophy of the highest integrity and outstanding client service fit well with my personal beliefs.

     Working for clients over these past years through good markets, bad markets, flat markets, and yes, one really bad market ... I have come to understand a great deal. Time has passed and things have changed. but some things haven't changed; 1) investors still have a desire to be financially stable when they retire, to educate their children, and to leave a legacy for their family when they are gone and 2) you never know when the next bear market is coming, so you should try and be prepared.

     I am analytical by training and caring by nature. I suppose you could say that I am the "Relationship Manager" for our team. It pleases me very much to understand the advisors and clients for whom we work, matching investments to their lives.  While some believe we are in the money business, I believe we are in the people business, helping clients have the money to live their lives of choice.

     I have come full circle in my career. Starting with a small regional brokerage firm and now as a partner with a Registered Investment Advisor.  Both firms sharing that same level of integrity and focus on client service that fit me so well. Along the way, between here and there, the firms I worked with became bigger and much less client oriented, not at all to my liking.  I am delighted to be associated with my partner, John McHugh, and Duncan McHugh Investments.  It is so nice to be "home" again.

     Welcome. We would love the opportunity to work for you.

Darlene Duncan

Senior Vice President  - Investment Officer

Duncan McHugh Investments